Plus size and Love Making.

i know most plus size women find it hard to archive maximum satisfaction in bed, due to insecurity,or ashamed of being totally naked in front of a man or woman (not judging). here are some tips that would help you archive some if not all satisfaction.

1) Getting rid of the insecurities:

some plus size women sweat alot, first you have to take your bath with scented soaps and bath gel and femfresh or any intimate wash, spray body deodorant on nude skin, and if you have femfresh spray (if you dont buy) use it.

  • dressing sexy: you know you want to look hot for your man, but your worried bout the flabs, get a lingerie that is body sculpting but very sexy, and a matching overall.

2) Getting down to business: turn off the lights,it is scientifically proven to make sex more intimate and both parties wont feel insecure or shorten. when you turn off the lights and get down to it, close your eyes and imagine.

  • More pleasure: try different positions and styles, be free and let him or her touch every part of your body, say exactly were you want to be touched and explored. dont be scared to use your mouth, fingers, parts and imagination.

if you do all these trust me you would love it.

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